Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Favorite Flats at

Hi! I am always comfortable wearing flats because of my height. Wearing wedges and high heeled shoes are not my type. I'ts hard to find a great online shop which offers some cool and fashionable flats. Online shopping is really a good idea because you can look and find your own taste. Using your imagination, you can mix and match their products and boom! You can have your own fashion look. And most online shops are giving us the freshest and trendy fashions nowadays. DresSale is one of them. 

ABOUT is a leading China-based B2C company that offers customer-made products ranging from wedding dresses, wedding party dresses, special occasion dresses to wedding accessories for customers all over the world, be you a bridal-to-be who is searching for a latest wedding dress or a smart businessman who is after blue-ribbon products with low prices. Our high quality yet low prices products attribute to a great number of Chinese and Indian manufacturers who have established steady cooperation with us. Their up-to-date dress designs are sources that keep our products various and fashionable.

The moment was built, our goal of enabling people from almost every country of the world to experience the magic of online shopping was set. With competitive price, undoubted high quality and considerate customer service, will spare no efforts to meet the customers requirements. As what all staffs have always borne in mind: Your satisfaction is our destination. (c)

From the name itself, I thought they only focus on bridal wedding gowns and dresses. But I was surprised to view some on trends shoes especially flat ones. I’ve been a consistent wearer of ballet shoes because they are so comfortable and you can pair it up with any get-up you show off. These are my top favorites ballet shoes in DresSale. Check it out guys and you might love it too as much I love them.

Favorite Flats at DresSale
All of these items are less than $30 (USD) which means they are not heavy as much in your pocket. You can enjoy magic in shopping with just 30$ or less with high quality items plus they are the latest fashion trends around the globe. Satisfy your needs and wants on affordable flat shoes only at DresSale. Visit their site to see more great items.

This one is the cheapest flat I love. Since I'm a little bit dark, especially my feet because of too much exposure in the sun, I usually love to buy beige color flats. This round toe flats is very chic and comfy to wear. 

What I love about this one is its detailed skull sequins. If you are into rock music, you could pair this up with your rock-look attire.

Oh! The bow detail is always been my favorite because I find it so girly and feminine. This flat shoes is best when paired up with dresses. 

The floral patterns made this shoes so classy and look vintage.

It will be a great idea if you join wearing this with aztec prints! :)

Among the five, what is your preference? Let me know. :)

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Throwback at Photo Memoirs 1

The real concentration of this blog is just merely posting memories in the means of pictures. It is how my blog started when I met my new friends in CED (College of Education, MSU-IIT). We always have this picture time in school in every activity. Facebook on the other hand during that time was very viral and almost everyone was posting their different photos and shared it to their friends. I am not fond of posting hundreds of wacky, stolen, weirdo poses in different social networking sites. So, I decided to make my own photo blog, Photo Memoirs to post it publicly. I guess if you have an account in blogger, everyone in the globe can view it otherwise if they do not know your blog link. Not all of my friends knew about my blog before, it was just my closest friends since I shared it to them. 

Hence, Photo Memoirs is born. But, I’ve change my path because of loving fashion. So instead of a photo blog diary, you can also find few posts quite related with the fashion world. 

Anyway, the purpose of this post is an ultra-mega throwback for my BEED – Science and Health Family. I know a lot of you are waiting to see your photos during our college days before. So, fasten your seat-belt  and be cautious with our horrible and dreadful faces. You might jump in your seat if you see how unpleasant your face were! Hahaha! Just kidding! Anyway, we are all good-looking persons.

Hey! This is me! :*

Ms. Norjannah E. Guimba, Professional Teacher (2014)

Ms. Dainie M. Pandan, Professional Teacher (2014)

Ms. Michelle Apostol, Professional Teacher (2014)

Maricar and Leslie

Gerard, Aisha, Annie and Daina

BEED - Science and Health Family!!!

Ms. Christine Melody Maramara, Professional Teacher (2014)

Annie and Dada

 Shara and Me

"Winning is nothing if you've achieve it through cheating."

My Datlusher Family together with Shara!

Class dismissed.

I hope you enjoy reminiscing those times we were together guys! Keep posted for more throwback updates! Happy summer! :)

Happy Birthday Ma'am Joy!

Today, Wednesday, April 9, 2014, the whole Philippines are celebrating The Day of Valor. As we recognize this national holiday every 9th day of April, our strikingly beautiful professor in DSME celebrates her birthday also. Professor Joy R. Magsayo, popularly called in CED as Ma’am Joy. 

Our teachers are one of the great persons who help us to build ourselves. They are our models in school. They light and guide our path in order for us not to be lost in the right tracks. I am glad that she was one of my mentors. She did a great job in helping me fulfill my academic achievements and what I am right now. 

Happy birthday Ma’am Joy. I am not sure if you will able to read this blog post but I hope you will find it soon. I would like to make this as an opportunity to thank you for all the support, assistance, succor, advices and encouragement you’ve laid during my three and half years stay in CED. Thank you for always being on the go checking and reviewing our thesis before even though you weren’t our adviser. Thank you for your better back-up plans/ideas that made us come up with a new thesis title. It was all because of you. Thank you for understanding us always every time we are delayed to pass some of our requirements in your subject. We knew that you did that because you understood our hardships and distress during our senior years. 

I wish all the happiness in the world for you. I hope this one made you feel how special you are. You deserve this, you are such a very kind person with a firm and strict aura (Hahaha! Joke!). I know that those who knew you truly knows the real you. I wish you good health and more birthdays to come. And may God bless you more. 

Thank you Ma’am Joy and have a nice day ahead. Happy Birthday! We miss you a lot! (Haffy and me!) And of course the photo shoot sessions we had before. But Haffy is kinda busy always and have to do a lot of things that’s why we can’t schedule the photo shoot. Hahaha! 

These photos were shots of Ms.Hershiel Capadiso Manait from Ms. Haffy Amama's DSLR. And edited by yours truly! :)


Sunday, April 6, 2014

Choose Wellness... Choose Nestle

When we say we are physically fit, it means to be in a state of health and well-being. Physical fitness is defined as the body’s ability to function efficiently and effectively in work and leisure activities, to be healthy, to resist disease and to react to emergency situations. (c) Fit for Life

We can determine if we are physically fit by undergoing a fitness assessment. One of the simplest assessment you can perform is by getting your Body Mass Index or popularly abbreviated as BMI. Our BMI is used as an indicator of body fats. It does not indicate health and lifestyle choices. We can calculate our BMI by getting first our height and weight. 

We happened to see this dietitian/nutritionist staying inside JBC Shopper's Mall when we ate at Pine Tree Fast Food. He offered us if we wanted to get our BMI and some test using a certain device (I forgot the name of it but it was used to determine body fat percentage). It was a free nutrition consultation. I guess its one of the new program of the Nestle Company. He also gave as free samples of Nestle products. (Yay!)  

HOW TO FIND YOUR Body Mass Index (BMI)

1. Weigh yourself using a weighing scale. Note: the following formula is calculated in pounds.

My weight is 52 kilograms which is equivalent to 114.64 lb.

2. Measure your height in inches using the yardstick or measuring tape. 

My height measures 159 cm or 5'2 ft. I converted it and I've got 114.64.

3. Calculate your BMI by following these steps. 

4. Judge your personal BMI result using the scale.

Anyway, I had a different calculations but there's only a little difference and if we are going to round off the manually calculated BMI it is just equal to 21, which was the result in the BMI calculator used by the nutritionist. The computed BMI (which is mine) is equal to 20.57 which indicates that I have a healthy weight. 

Using this device I am handling, it can determine your body fat percentage. And the result was just normal.

The free Nestle products! Try also to visit JBC and you'll know what's inside! Choose wellness... Choose Nestle products!!! :)

Thanks for reading!!!